The Price You Pay for Speaking or “Playing the Game”

November 11, 2015
December 8, 2015

The Price You Pay for Speaking or “Playing the Game”

There are some truths in this world.  Men diminish women.  It’s an every lasting battle to not only PROTECT our men ( as we so often find ourselves doing) then having to defend ourselves from the proclivity of diminishing that lies in their very biology to commit.  I find myself speaking to my guy friends about it.  I know I’m a tough cookie.  I know I’m condescending.  But that just isn’t how a lady carries herself.  I do know why however.

There is an absolute arrogance that has been instilled in men and they cannot get past their own egos.   That said, when dealing with a “shrew” for lack of a better work, the instinct is always to “tame” her.  There is a constant engaging in shutting her down.  I would think that our evolution – in a human state – is to get passed our own arrogance and be accountable.  The accountability is the hard part.  I work on the road, not many people fuck with that, I have no kids. I’m accountable.  I do understand there are a series of choices involved that have set me on the platform that I’m on.  The real challenge?  Fighting on all of these demons – male and female – who aspire to praise that patriarchical bullshit, no matter how dumb it is.  If I could just get out of my own fricking way.

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