I 2nd R. Kelly Aint Sh*t – is a Coward I mean…..

December 22, 2015
Bowie and Little Black Girls Everywhere
January 11, 2016

I 2nd R. Kelly Aint Sh*t – is a Coward I mean…..

I’m a huge fan of VSB….these guys are remnicent of the homeboys I speak to on the regular.

“And so it’s fitting that R. Kelly, that singing-ass coward from Chicago, would walk off the set of the HuffPost Live today when faced with difficult questions during an interview he agreed to do.

Because, again, that’s who R. Kelly is. Prolific and influential musician. Rapist. And coward.”

A couple of month ago Meta Smith , Roxane George and I were hanging at a Robert Glasper show in Chicago. R. Kelly was in attendance and oh Lawd the “R. kelly is here”‘s swept through the building like a patty roller searching for a runaway slave. His entourage took up much of the VIP space and so some of us stood. And we were gracious because we were there to support Robert and all is well. The after party was at SOHO House. We headed over and as guests of Mr. Glasper we sat in the VIP area Chicago ready – meaning – this wasn’t a kitten heel night. We had on 4 inch heels and dresses and it wasn’t Fur season yet but you have to be dressed and ready when hitting the town in Chicago. That said, since I’d been standing in my “Chicago Ready” pumps I damn sure wasn’t standing during that jam session. I know jam sessions. And I’m forty-shutyomouth. I gotta sit down! No sooner were we “yes ma’am right this way Ms. Farris” than Mr. Kelly and his entourage arrived. The host came back to me and apologized but he didn’t realize how many people R. Kelly was bringing and he needed to put him in the seats. Knowing me….how yawl think that went over? The tooth suck from across the passage, from the gap of a Cameroonian Princess, raised itself from my own (now capped and closed) mini gap and I continued to watch Robert Glasper almost start playing while R-uh and his crew stood on the tiny stage. I wish I would stand up for some f*&kin R-uh Kelly. FOH.


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