January 5, 2009

I Woke Up Feeling Perfect

“I drank a vat of red wine and woke up feeling perfect.” One of my most favorite best friends marked this quote.  I love it.  Just […]
January 4, 2009

Water Home

I am going to be a professional surfer by 40.  I’ve just decided.  Tour managing is a high stress job.  You are the provider of information, […]
January 4, 2009


I’m just gonna say it.  Pornhub.com is the shit.  Free clips of hard core porn to get you through the night.  I’m telling you.  I don’t […]
January 4, 2009


Just when you get what you want, an easy slow day, you have nerve enough to be bored when there’s nothing to do.  I have to […]
January 3, 2009

infomercials & Law & Order

Don’t think tour managing is all traveling and a bed of roses.  When I get back to the hotel, I often find myself watching Law & […]
January 3, 2009

Sexism is Sooo September 10th

I am so over sexism.  Here I am, on a huge tour.  The biggest of my life in fact.  Clockin’ dollars.  Paying off bills.  Feeling footloose […]