July 9, 2009

Lacanau – NO!

Gotdamn Lacanau and it’s riptides. I didn’t know what a riptide was until I was in it. It was very helpful swimming OUT to catch the […]
July 6, 2009


Goes to you Michael! My cousin got tickets to the lottery and invited me and here I am still fucking around in no wave having ass […]
July 5, 2009

La Postina

I’m in the middle of a forest. Sleepy as hell. Glad to have missed that damn cupcake looking jelly fish. Damn jelly fish. Let’s just say […]
July 1, 2009

Il Fait Chaud commes des Balons

Le temps: il y a soleil. Mais actuallement, il fait chaud commes les balons. Hier, j’ai promene des Invalides a mon hotel de merde le Novotel. […]
June 27, 2009

Slingbox, Soho London and Michael Jackson….

It’s 5am. Once again, I’m in same London hotel room not able to sleep. Didn’t even need the drugs or the alcohol to stay awake. Every […]
June 16, 2009


I’m trying out a couple of my journal entries from tours past and present. Let me know your thoughts. 4:30amRIIIIING!!!“Hhhhello?”“Ma’am?”“Yes?”“Um, do you have any black guys […]