September 19, 2009

So Now apparently I have a drinking problem

When will the hating end? Or maybe I do. Fuck it.In the words of Nikki Minaj…..let me “step my dick up.”
September 17, 2009

“I never promised you a rose garden”

I love relationships.They are amazing in what they uncover about people. How people respond and react. How the blueprint of their ID comes back to haunt […]
September 17, 2009

Early rise Tokyo

The sun is rising super fast in Tokyo this morning. I kind of wish I’d gotten up earlier to go the fish market. It was just […]
September 14, 2009

Hamamatstu Japan

Made it and am tired as balls. The bad news is …. I had to set up my OWN office. JAMIIIIIIL!!!!! JEEEENNNNNNN!!!!!! Where are they 🙁 […]
September 12, 2009

Moving in, rolling out.

First off, Happy Birthday dream hampton!!!September 11th is also the day my life changed. 25 year old girl en route to grad school. I get a […]
September 6, 2009


I dipped into the Atlantic moments after the shark went away….there was a shark call. But it was beautiful. Great to have have the salt water […]