November 3, 2009


I have a plethora, not a small amount, damn near all of my friends, my family, most of the people I am around judge. Which leads […]
October 29, 2009

I love how open the French are…

October 24, 2009

Does Anyone Know why?

On youtube, all of Jody Watley’s video’s have been “disabled upon request”? It’s really fucking annoying… here I am, bleeding my heart out, and cannot even […]
October 22, 2009

Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty, One-Year Sentence Expected

Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty, One-Year Sentence Expected UMMMM….damn, changes my plans.
October 17, 2009

Last Days in New Zealand

The beauty of my gig, and the beauty of being single and the beauty of not having kids, is that more often than not, I can […]
October 13, 2009


I love how bitch ass abusers are. They only abuse people who will allow them to abuse them. It’s hysterically ironic. You’re so big and bad. […]