Tina Farris

September 6, 2009


I dipped into the Atlantic moments after the shark went away….there was a shark call. But it was beautiful. Great to have have the salt water […]
September 4, 2009

It ain’t all bad

I forgot. Snoop and Bootsy were at the show yesterday. Snoop asked me why I didn’t get on stage when Gin and Juice was on.Heh.
September 4, 2009

Eat a Dick up until you hiccup

Sweet Jesus I’m tired.I am tired of underlying currents. Those being, “put this bitch in her place”. I’m not sure how to stomach it or accept […]
August 31, 2009

Days Off and Fish Frys

I love days off.I love days off in Detroit.But I really love days off where I can cook. And I’ve decided to have a fish fry.Snapper, […]
August 30, 2009

Boost Mobile Pro pres by Hurley: Sept 11 – 20, 2009

This means I have one day where I could, quite possibly, drive down to Trestles and catch fine ass Kelly Slater in the first heat. I’m […]
August 30, 2009

Foolish Heart

The radio was turned to the classic rock station when I came back to my hotel. Conrad Indianapolis is lovely. And I immediately was set in […]