Tina Farris

January 17, 2012


Happy New Year. I’m so late….So much has happened. So much learned. So much not. What I have found is that scrubs are the best thing […]
December 9, 2011


Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and I have 2 outfits. The Halston or the Marco Marco. I think I want to go with the Marco Marco. I […]
December 8, 2011

Old Bitches Need They Money Too

I’d like to stay awhile and study the red light district. How is the Commerce set up? Like is it divided by race? Class? Countries? Would […]
December 8, 2011


mmmm, this is truly, as we know, one of my favorite cities in the world. The promise of love and/or wild passionate events seems available on […]
December 7, 2011

Fishing For Low-eys

I learned a new term from the boys in which I co-habitate on the road. What are “Low-eys”? The women with the lowest self esteem who […]
December 5, 2011


The last time I was at the K West , Deebs and I were hanging with Amy Winehouse and dude….Blaine right? Anyway, our promoter is Amy’s […]